Delivering On All Your Branded Promotional Needs

When you want the best in marketing and promotions, Petrocelli Marketing provides you with a home run. Whether it’s creating brand awareness, motivating your sales force, or building customer relationships – Petrocelli Marketing develops and delivers promotional programs that succeed.

With over 8,000 suppliers and 650,000 items, we are your one-stop resource for innovative one-of-a-kind solutions, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. We’ll work with you – from concept to delivery – to meet your objectives, deadlines and budget.


Why Petrocelli?

“The attitude, the commitment, and the work ethic are the same principals for success in both baseball and business.”

 PMG-Rico Petrocelli - Boston Red Sox


Rico Petrocelli, founder of Petrocelli Marketing, was a Boston Red Sox shortstop and third baseman for 13 seasons. His baseball accolades include playing in two World Series: the 1967 "Impossible Dream" against the St. Louis Cardinals and in 1975 vs. the Cincinnati Reds.

After baseball, Rico went into broadcasting and became a radio and TV host of sports programming. Never resting on his laurels, Rico continually developed a variety of entrepreneurial solutions, keeping his skin in the game. Petrocelli handed the reigns of Petrocelli Marketing over to his son, Mike in 2007 and since then Mike has upheld his father's standard of excellence in customer service and satisfaction, delivering on the Petrocelli Marketing mission of providing premium branded items to customers across the U.S.


“The excitement of business gives me the same “high” as getting up to bat with the bases loaded and trying to knock in a run!”

 PMG - Rico and Mike Petrocelli

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